Call for scientific session subjects and panel discussion topics

Session subjects and panel discussion topics should be conceptual, and the speakers/panellists should stimulate ideas by presenting new information. The scientific outputs from postgraduate students and postdocs are particularly welcome!

We will favour session subject and panel discussion topics submissions that are designed to enhance inter-disciplinary collaboration! In addition, we are aiming for gender-balanced scientific sessions and panels.

Each scientific session or panel is 105 min long. We are planning to allow 5 speakers in each scientific session, each with 12 minutes for presenting and 7 minutes for discussion. Panels should be comprised of 3-5 panellists plus a chair and/or moderator and one keynote speaker who sets the scene for the topic to be discussed (the chair/moderator cannot be the keynote speaker). Panels must allow at least 25 minutes for Q&A from the audience.

Proposals for sessions and panels will be accepted until 18 September 2023.

How to submit a scientific session subject and panel discussion topic proposal:

Proposals should include the following information: Please submit your proposal online here.

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